who does she think she is?

Curated by: Q.Bianca


Allow Me to introduce myself....

I am Bianca. I'm 25 and living. Im an awkward black girl at heart. True weirdo. Im cool with that. Im cool like that. Im a hip-hop/soul junkie. I like my trap music with some soul. I like ratchet. Im a sophistiratchet. I got a few degrees. They dont mean a lot to most people but they mean a lot to me.  I laugh alot. I love the Lord. Im a rebel. I dont listen to other people. Yet I can actively listen for my work. I love to read poems and drink wine. I love creatives.  I like to create. My favorite canvas' are words. I want to be a better me then I was yesterday. I'm discovering my purpose and everything outside of my scope. This space represents my findings. I invite you to laugh, cry, and be bewildered with me.