Know Yourself

"Dont Ever Play Yourself"- DJ Khaled

One of the greatest  intimate relationships you can ever have is with the person staring you in the mirror...You. You are the expert of you. You know what you like, what you want, what you need. We are our own best friend and worst enemy wrapped into a living spirit. As people we find ourselves compromisng our own self love to appease others. Naturally we want to appear self-less and put others before us. There will come a point where you will wear yourself out and lose you in the madness. Who wants to be 40 and wondering who the hell they are ?  Not me. Most likely not you either. Spend time with yourself, mediate, travel alone,paint, go visit a park, take the scenic route home.Get to know YOU. Date yourself. When you know yourself it becomes easier for others to become apart of your world and understand you. You set the stage for how people treat you. People don't walk over those that know themselves and their worth. Don't feel the need to be defined by your past. Everyday we have a chance to wake up and start anew. Dont like your habits ? Change them. Don't like your friends? change them too. Dont like your job?  change that. You are worthy of your own love and forgiveness. Dont wallow in the past that you cant change. Look to the future. You are worthy of everything that you want.Take time to get to know who you are right now. Think about it, You're not the same you from 8 years ago. You're a whole new version of yourself.

Here are some ways to get to know yourself:

  • Date yourself. Get out, go to the movies, go people watching, take a trip, try a new restaurant at lunch (tons of people eat alone at lunch, you wont look weird I promise)

  • Take some personality tests, see what resonates with you and what doesn't. (your personality test from 5th grade will most likely NOT be the same)


  • Ask yourself questions. Write down your answers: (What do you believe in, what do you want in life, do you life you, whats your favorite music, do you like to go out, you want to be social ?)




  • Read a self-help book

  • Do an interative journal

  • How have your environment and circumstances shaped who you are and your reactions

  • Write to your younger self/older self

  • Forgive yourself