You're Not In This Alone

From the Archives: July 3, 2015

Many times we all are struggling in different areas of our life’s trying to tie together the pieces that we and other people have left of ourselves . In this tying and mending we bypass the heart of the struggle and we fail the test over and over. We are so insistent on an instant savior from the struggle that comes as fast as the struggle was thrust upon us. And some of us will fight the same demons for years just as those demons were not bread in a day. 

Some of us will pray night and day and have to no avail no answer . We will think that the lord has forsaken us in that moment, for which he has not. He’s constantly testing our endurance and persistence. Can you praise him when you think he’s not working ? Can you love him when you don’t feel it in you to love yourself. Can you just love him because he first loved you ? Our relationship with God in a lot of ways mimics our relationships with people. We struggle to get in where we fit and when things don’t work or get too trying we tend to throw in the towel. The difference is that God gives us more chances to get it right . He tells us to give up our crosses and die daily. Now this verse has been calling out to me for the past two weeks. 
I’ve been struggling for months with three things in particular and I’d go through the phases of feeling bad and praying and seeing no avail and he led me to that verse and said this is daily this is not weekly or monthly this is daily. I need you daily. I am not your God only on Sunday Wednesdays and Fridays or weekday mornings. I am your God through and through. My grace is renewing daily. Come to me . Tell me about it. Put your heart on the table for me so that I may make it clean. I can’t give you a clean heart if you’re hiding from me. You can’t be pure if your slipping and running from me. When you come to me bring yourself. Your battles will be my battles. I will trade burdens with you to give you strength to pursue this thing if you just put your trust in me. I see you struggling I see you back sliding, I see the temptation calling your name. Turn a deaf ear from it . Remember me in the wildness as I was tempted by the dark angel and he promised me things, all the things that I could have with my father . He tried to bargain things with me that were already promised to me. Some of you are trading yourself for things that are already yours if you just wait . If you just wait on my timing you wouldn’t have to fight yourself out of problems you bought upon yourself .

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight Proverbs 3:5-6