Love Made The Sun Stand Still

As a believer, a follower of Christ, I felt that today would be a great way of encouraging you all with something that has been lingering in my Spirit. For months I’ve been trekking around the book of Joshua. Joshua begins after the death of Moses. He is mandated from the Lord to be the one to lead his people out of The Wilderness. He was tasked with becoming a leader and defending his Nation.  

In Joshua 10, we find the account of the day the Sun Stood Still. Joshua was in battle and it looked like all cards had been played. It looked impossible. By our standards Joshua looked crazy. He was trying to fight who? With what? We would’ve been like “Bruh are you sure about this? Maybe you should take some time and think it over? God wouldn’t lead you in confusion and mess” we chalk God up to being the author of order. We forget that he’s also the author of miracles and the impossible. He’s the author of the land, the sea, heavens, and earth, grace, and mercy, and most importantly love

We can find ourselves in the midst of sideways encouragement that becomes discouragement on accident. People mean well, and everyone wants the best for us. Their best isn’t always God’s best. God is calling you out of the ordinary. He has a plan and a purpose specifically for you. This plan includes steps that are even oblivious to you. How God did it for your mother won’t be how God does it for you. You’re that special , that loved that you don’t have to walk on anyone’s footsteps but the Lord/s. Trust God and the process. He’s made a way just for you