In All Things Give Thanks

From the Archives: April 19, 2015

Today I was helping a co-worker with their workload. I thought nothing of it. You help your friends and neighbors when they need it.  I was raised to share If you have a lot to spare or a litte. When I got home they sent me a message thanking me for my help. Turns out they were dealing with some personal issues and were falling behind because of it. They expressed grattiude and told me that the Lord blessed them with my help today.  I was thankful that the Lord allowed me to bless someone. Even if it may seem trivial to you, it was big to me.

Blessings are not always in the form of money or gifts. They could be simple gestures to help you through the day. Even though my co-worker was having a rough day, they found time to take a moment to thank the Lord for their blessing.

In all of your afflictions, sorrow, joy, happiness, momentary problems, and downfalls, the Lord sees you. He hears you. He sends you people when you’re not expecting them. He will provide you with blessings you didnt know you needed. When you try to handle situations with your own understanding, He will open doors for you to walk through. He will hold you through the joy and the pain. He does this because HE LOVES YOU. Its in the little things that we are certain that people care. It is these small things in which we have access to everyday that we can be grateful. In all things, good or bad, give thanks to the Lord. He is with you always.