#TWJ Slay !?!?

It’s another Tuesday with Jesus.

“Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.”

That’s one hell of a declaration. 

Many nights I’ve starred at it in bewilderment not grasping the concept. In the aftermath of being “slayed”, we always hear others say they had faith and hope in this or that. I was driving home having a brief moment of worship and gratitude. Oftentimes I’m reminded of how blessed I am by looking at where I came from. There were times that I had nothing but crazy faith. I didn’t know how I was going to make it out, however I did . I was reminded of this Job verse. It’s one of the things that has both perplexed me and kept me at the same time.  It’s also one of my favorite Shane & Shane songs. 

This is not the Slay that Beyoncé and Big Freedia came to do. Ain’t nothing cute about it. It’s not in the running to be one of our top 5 Instagram pictures. Slaying is the laying down of ones life. My good sis Google , defines slay as: to kill in a violent way. VIOLENT?!!?  The process of being slain is actually dying... violently. Job is saying though what you are doing is literally killing me in the worst imaginable  way possible, I’m trusting that you know best.

That’s some deep shit right there. I’ve always wondered about the people who use this verse in a cliche way...did you really think this was a verse of comfort? Did you think I want to read about the atrocities that fell upon Brother Job? Yeah, it’s great that He overcame by the grace of God. All that is truly beautiful. How does that help me today, right now? How does this help me get to the bigger picture? 

Let’s talk about the moment when you don’t know how to trust.  You haven’t grasped the concept of placing your life in another’s hand fully. Most of us don’t even trust some of our closet friends and family that much. I know I’m always the one thinking “what if this goes wrong”? I’d rather be the captain of my own sinking ship than to let someone else do it. The funny thing about trusting God is you can’t half do it. There’s no backup plan. He’s plan A-Z.  With people we can have a back up plan, we can make adjustments and pull the plug at our own will.  God doesn’t run like that. 

I don’t have the answers to how trusting Him works. I’m not sure if Im doing it right most of the time. How do you do it ? What makes you trust in God ? Or why don’t you? I’m interested in your thoughts. Shoot me a text, email, dm, comment , or something . I’m curious.

I’ll get into Jobs friends on another day.

Happy October.

He’s been Risen.

Never forget that part.