Hey Neighbor!

Beloved, it’s me!

Two days in a row. Crazy I know! 

In reflecting on the 3 years that I’ve been working on Beyond Bianca, I’ve never imagined that I would’ve made this blogging thing this far. I also never imagined that Tuesday’s with Jesus would be a thing that I shared openly. Honestly I thought I’d be doing album reviews, couponing, skin care, and self work. Yet I’m always drawn back to sharing God and my journey with you.  I’ll keep posting as my spirit leads me.

I used to have this rigid schedule for pushing out content because that’s what I was taught. Consistency and Content are what drives views and supporters. That matters, however I’m not concerned with that here. If my life can help just one of you, that’s sufficient for me. 

I said all that to say this: Thank you for stopping by and I hope you take something with you.