Dont Envy the Image.

“You don’t know the cost of the oil in my alabaster box”

We are currently in the prime age of the internet. This means social media galore. We have avenues into people’s personal lives that we’re not available in th 90s is right in the palm of our hands every day. Most times, we only see the good. Thats all we really want to hear right? If you ask someone how are they doing? Are you really expecting them to pour their heart on the table or meet you with some standard cliche of “ Im fine”, "“Blessed and Highly Favored”, or “ I cant complain”. Then we smile or chuckle it off.

When you’re not at the party, it can look like everyone is having fun without you. You scroll and you see smiles, cute captions, expensive trips, and great news. However you dont get to see what’s behind the social media mask. Don’t get lost in the hype of trying to be someone else that you forget who you are. You don’t know that person’s pain or struggle. We are so quick to judge others for what they post, but we don’t know the story. Just like people don’t know yours. You cannont assume that everyone does not struggle like you. What makes you think you’re privy to someone else’s scars?

I said all that to say this: Don’t envy the image. Create your own images and don’t be ashamed if it doesnt look like what every one else is out there doing.