Tuesday's with Jesus

It’s me again.

This week i’ve been plagued with the thought of the difficulty of seperating the gift from the person. We have so many church leaders who share their world on social media. However we are very critical of the life they lead. “They’re x,y, and z… so they dont need to be over there” What gives us this right to say what another person should or should not be doing? Have we become unfamiliar with how God can and will use anybody or thing that HE chooses? Hasn’t He called you to do something extraordinary? Are you worthy of the spotlight? Did God call us to be the spotlight? or did He call us to use the gift? Did he call us to test the spirit or the person ? Are we not all sinful people with gifts who have been redeemed by God ?

Sidebar: This jogs my memory back to the life of Saul. Saul stayed on one. Until one day on the road to Damascus, Saul’s world is flipped upside down. He has a change of name and heart. God was still with Saul all that time. Even though he strayed from the gift, the gift never strayed from him.

Questions of Meditation: Are we giving our leaders enough grace  ? Are we praying for them or convicting them in our own courts of public opinion ? How can we open our hearts to lend grace and stray from church gossip?