The Flare Up

For the last two days I’ve been fighting an allergy flare up that’s left my whole face swollen,red, and lumpy. It’s rather embarrassing. I haven’t had a flare up this bad in 3 years. Imagine going around with your face looking like Martin when he left that boxing match all because you stopped doing what you knew you needed to do. (For you this probably doesnt apply to your face, but apply it to that area of life you need to)

I had my routine down: reduce stress, water., oiil, heavy moisturizer, aquaphor. My skin routine was under control. I’ve spent the majority of my life dealing with severe eczema. Imagine me, 27, living life thinking the worst is behind you. Mind you this monster hasnt been this bad since maybe 21. I’ve been doing pretty well for myself being slack on my routine. The thing is you can hide your arms and legs, but you can’t hide that face. Also, did I mention my sister is in town visiting! it’s thrown a wrench in my plans as I’ve been heavily medicated most of the time. HA! To think I had the never to make plans (When am I going to learn ?!?!?!) . 

What caused this rash surprise ? I don’t know. Could’ve been outside, a facial,food, or a combination of the above, I don’t know. That’s not what I care about…my focal point is this itching.  Its like a never ending itching fire. As I lay with a leftover Hello Fresh ice pack on my face, i prayed one of those God please make my face stop itching prayers . Please help. Then I realized there are people who can’t feel or live with life long scars and I’m upset over what other people may ask about this thing that is (was) my normal. 

As I write this post I’m massaging vitamin e oil and hydrocortisone onto my face.  Things could be worse. My eyes could be swollen shut. I could be laid up in the emergency room. Both of which have happened before, and on multiple occasions.

The Revelation of it all (outside of me venting at my Ted Talk): We leave what’s tried and true because we think we don’t need it anymore. This my friends is how we get caught up. Don’t be me. Don’t get caught up. Don’t for one second think that what you’ve been doing is mundane and useless. Theres a lesson in all of it. You need what you learned from that lesson to get into the next season.

That got deep fast.

Goodnight Beloved Friend.

Update: Deep into the evening, I went to target to get some cetaphil and african black soap. However all they had was the Shea Moisture kind that has parfum (rolling eyes). I ended up spending the best 7 dollars ($3 off coupon) of my life on Eucerin Eczema Relief and I can say I have not itched for over 3 hrs. God is Good.