It’s Tuesday. 

This Tuesday is going to be a little different than the previous ones. No deep word search or meditation questions I’m just taking time to reflect on 27 while listening to Aretha and finding strength within myself.

Physically, I’m tired.

Emotionally and Mentally I’m “meh”.  

As important as it is to check in with God, it’s also important to check in with you. 

How’s your week?

Have you been doing things you both NEED and WANT? 

Are you processing your emotions? 

Are you becoming who you want to be?  

Are you reaching your goals?


On Friday, I turn 28. I’ve felt a pressure to have x,y, and z done by 30...really 29. So many things have slowly been coming into fruition and I’ve been scheming.  It’s exciting and overwhelming all at once.

I realized that I’ve never mapped out a plan for this year. Generally I look at things in the scope of 5-10 year goals. However this year I’m doing one small-ish goal a month. By small-ish they’re HUGE. A giant step outside of my comfort zone. If I fail, I fail, if I don’t, I don’t. I can’t say I didn’t give it a try. I have so many projects that are completed but they’re sitting on a shelf waiting to be released. This blog is one of those things that’s been revamped and shut down several times. I’m just going to go with the flow and trust the process. Every single thought , dream, vision is going to happen.

Trust the process and take care of you today.