Heart to Heart

Ive been struggling these past few weeks with choosing God. After building all this momentum with my Tuesday’s, I let the train stop.  

I stopped putting in an effort to see and hear. This journey is not simply for me to preach the Gospel but also for me to grow.  I find myself going through different waves of strength. This week I’m climbing upwards. 

As I’m restarting my engine, I hear the words “Stop looking for God in the place you left Him”. Since Easter, I’ve been tasked with discovering all the things I didn’t know about Jesus. All the accounts I skimmed but never paid attention to. The small details have suddenly sprung to life off the page. I have to ask myself have I really known Him? Have I become comfortable in who I thought he was versus who He can be ?

For me it’s been like thinking you’ve  known a person for years, only to discover that they have an entire personality that you never knew.  As a matter of fact, a whole life that doesn’t involve you as you are now. Yet this person is so amazing and brilliant that you’re trying to figure out how you can make room for yourself at their table. How can you be involved in these things? 

When you love someone you dive into their interest , you want to see what they see. Protect them from harm. Spend time with them. Be a better person for them.

I’m trying to figure out who I am right now. What means the most to me and how everything else fits in. Hell even if it fits at all. I’m redefining who I want to be.

Whew Chile, I’m evolving and exhausted. 

Prayers Welcomed.