The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

That was today

I slightly contemplated jail

then I remembered how hard I worked to get out of my angry space

I’ve been praying to have more grace and mercy for people

Today was a prime example of how I needed it for myself

Nothing in today’s standard was perfect

I was pissed for a good 4ish hours

It was the snowball effect

1 thing after another

It reminded me of TQs song Daily (early ‘00s throwback about a terrible day, also a bop)

I tried to pray it out

talk it out

And I still felt so frustrated and trampled

So I sat

And realized that I probably won’t remember this day next week

Then some more stuff happened

And my soul got so wearied that I just stopped.

I stopped

Let time do whatever the hell it wanted to do and said

Fuck It.

My anxiety was through the roof.

I was over here hoping someone would excuse my mistakes.

Yet I wouldn’t let myself live it down.

Mistakes are common.

Everybody makes them.

No use in beating yourself up about it

It’s done.

Find correction and move on.

Tomorrow has to be better.