Unforgiveness is Your Enemy

“The hell you make for others is the hell you make for yourself”- Unknown


Stop holding people captive in your heart. You’re wasting your life away by serving a purpose that was never meant for you. You gain nothing by serving as judge, ruler, sheriff, and balif. Absolutely nothing. It’s tiring and your soul is becoming r a g g e d y.

That’s the worst of all of this…in all of your hate and vengenae , your own soul has become raggedy and is breaking you down. Now you’re searching for other souls to tie die with you in misery, Aren’t you tired yet ?

Have you thought about forgiveness? What would that cost you ?

If forgiveness is too much for you, how about ignoring them? (A lesson some of us missed in primary school) Just leave them alone. Ignore them. You don’t have to respond to everything that they do. Don’t listen and don;t watch. They cannot add secods to your life, but they can steal your time.

You are responsible for who you turn out to be. The trick of the enemy is steal, kill, and destroy. The enemy wants to disrupt your purpose, dim your light, and remove your joy. Don’t let hate and biterness win. It’s already stolen so much from you.

I pray you take this warning and meditate on it.

With Love,