Tuesday’s with Jesus

I’m currently sitting on a plan, soaking up all I can before I return to my everyday life in a few hours.  

I’m revamping my course of personal bible study. I’m studying from  the perspective of finding answers to my questions instead of reading and then asking.

 Aside from making my questions, this Tuesday my focus is on worship. 

As I’m digging through the book of Lamentations my focus resifted to something my pastor once said. (Paraphrasing)Our breakthroughs and purpose is tied to our worship. Our level of worship defines how we view and communicate with God in the season. Things may not be as you imagine but worship renews our faith that God is moving on our behalf.

I’ve made an Ep length playlist of my current worship favorites for you to check out. 

New Life - John P. Kee

Potter & Friend - Dante Bowie 

You Know My Name - Tasha Cobbs Leonard

You’re Welcome - Psalmist Raine

Press in Your Presence - Shana Wilson Williams

This Love-Housefires