The Power In a Name

What do you answer to? What do you do?

A name says a lot about who we are. It defines us. If someone says do you know Bianca ? They are specifically asking about me. What do you know about me? Who am I to you?  Earlier today I read through an email that was talking about the commas after your name.
For instance I am Ashley Bianca, BSW, M.A, author. 

The comma allows us to define the different roles that we have. It says we are more than the aforementioned. I believe in the power of speaking to your situation, so after reading this I made a list of all of the things that I am (and most importantly want to be)

While doing this exercise I was reminded of the book The Power of God’s Names by Tony Evans. The book goes through a few of God’s aliases and what they mean.Just as God has many titles, so do we. We are friend, lover, enemy, daughter, son, wife, husband, co-worker, engineer, PhD, Dr, mechanic, salesman, etc. Not only do we have titles , but our names mean different things to different people!

Today I’m making this simple: Who are you and who do you want to be?