Dinner with a Stranger

Dinner with Strangers 

There’s a profound beauty in sitting across a bar and striking up a conversation with a stranger. Seemingly like old friends. Both in your own lonely seeking company.

That’s what happened to me yesterday (It’s been a few weeks ago since I wrote this). I went to indulge in Happy Hour at Cheesecake Factory. Usually the bar is packed, but it was just one lady. I did the normal thing and sat 5 seats down. I had my phone out prepared to read a book. I ordered my food and drink. We sat on in silence for a while until she asked “Do you have any meat in those, I was waiting to see if some would fall out” (referencing my buffalo blasts).

I burst into laughter. Tan didn’t know it, but I needed her company. Hell I didn’t know it.   We spent the next hour swapping life stories and her putting me on to the best specials around town (I’ll share some of those later).

As I was sitting there, I realized that life is about these moments. Moments of randomness outside of our normal where we sit back and enjoy each other’s company.  

I had plans to go pick up a package and get home, but I held off to enjoy the sacredness of our conversation. That dress could wait, I only ordered it three weeks prior. In that moment I had a sense of peace, and joy. I was heard, seen, and encouraged. I needed that.

I shared all of that to say: Stop and enjoy the small things in the moment. What you really need will find you if you stop running.