In Mourning

Death is inevitable. We all must die one day. That’s the circle of life. In these past few months so many people have passed on. We don’t pay attention to what it means to die until it hits home for us. 

Everyday someone loses their person.

They have to wake up without their best friend and refigure out how to get through life. 

There comes a time when you’ve grown up and haven’t realized it.

Your appetite changes. Who would’ve thought I’d like caramel?

Your views and perspectives shift. 

Those you admire become human

& death happens without notice. 

That’s when we begin to notice our own mortality.

We have an inkling but don’t know truly what’s on the other side of living.

The shit is scary.

Yet we live and we mourn.

We eventually get better at coping with the loss.

However the pain still lingers.

Fight to rejoice in the life that was once here. 

Initially, I was going to share my thoughts on the passing of Nipsey ,Toni and navigating death. However part of my family is celebrating the life of one of ours and I’m shooketh. So that piece will come later. These are just my thoughts for the night.