Through this Journey of Discovery …

(Yes I’m singing the half and half theme song as I write this.)

Ya’ll know I’m a fan of spending time with yourself and evaluating where you are. I’m in the emotional ghetto trying to purchase real estate in the suburbs and get out of here ASAP. In this process I’ve found that writing has been my peace. This is something I’ve known, however it’s becoming more necessary. I’ve started a new nightly routine of shutting down and allowing myself to feel all that the day has brought on. I write it out and it’s done. Doesn’t always fix the problem but it’s my outlet. I don’t trust many people to shield my emotions (working on that).

Anyhoo, I have a lot of writing that I don’t share. So I’ll be sharing my free thoughts, poetry, and short stories in the near future. For now, Ill leave you with this Masego TinyDesk